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version 1.1.0

Announcing Fityk 1.1.0 -- new version of curve fitting software.

  • embedded Lua (lightweight programming language), see the manual for details.
  • syntax changes and enhancements in dataset transformations (@n = ...);
    example: @0=@0-0.23*@1 removes (background) @1 with y's scaled
    by factor 0.23 from dataset @0; if @0 and @1 have different x's, linear
    interpolation is used.
  • added calculation of Polyline derivatives, what enables weighted least
    squares approximation by broken lines
  • gzipped fit files can be read directly (extension .fit.gz or .fityk.gz)
  • new option max_fitting_time -- stopping criterium based on elapsed time
  • GUI: mouse wheel and mouse extra buttons can be used to zoom in/out
  • Mac GUI: added Session > New Window that opens new window (open -n
  • GUI: added optional, configurable description in the corner of the main plot
  • GUI: Session > Copy to Clipboard works differently and on all platforms now
  • GUI: enhanced file dialogs: Data > Quick Load and Session > Save as Image
  • fixed all reported bugs
Note for Linux users: fityk_1.1.0-0_i386.deb was prepared on Debian Squeeze and fityk_1.1.0-0_amd64.deb on Ubuntu 10.10. They probably work on newer Debian-based distros, but it was not tested.

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