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Fityk 1.3.0

It was released a couple weeks ago but not announced here until now. Fitting constraints are there, but without a nice user interface yet. Most important changes:
  • support filenames with non-ascii characters
  • simple-variable ~NUM can be followed by domain, e.g.: %f=Linear(~3[2:5], ~8) and also default parameters can have domain (...shape=~0.5 [0:1],...), Voigt and PseudoVoigt have now shape with default domain [0:1]
  • if variable has a domain (example: $a = ~1.2 [-3:4]) then $a = ~3 keeps domain of $a (also a={$a}; $a=~{a} preserves domain), $a = ~3 [:] unsets domain, $a = copy($x) - copy $x with domain
  • new boolean box_constraints option decides if domains are used as box constraints in fitting methods that support it (default: on)
  • GUI: added auto-completion to Lua script editor
  • xyConvert is now part of xylib not fityk
  • command reset does not reset Lua VM (to allow "reset" from Lua scripts)
  • Lua: add Python-style formatting (e.g."%d pigs" % 3) using __mod for strings


Fityk 1.2.9

This is a late announcement of long overdue release. It is version 1.2.9 because major features planned for version 1.3.0 (box constraints, new fitting methods) need more testing and better interface.


  •  fitting:
    • a few optimization methods from the NLopt library have been added
    • MPFIT and NLopt methods support box constraints
    • simplifications that made using external libraries easier:
      • removed stopping criterium based on iterations. The max. number of WSSR evaluations can be used instead.
      •  removed fit continuation (fit +N)
  • new function Sigmoid and new category of functions (S-shaped/step/sigmoidal)
  • James Hester contributed a peak shape he proposes for powder diffraction
  • GUI: 
    • added menu Session > Recent Scripts
    • added "include standard errors" checkbox to Functions > Export Peak Parameters
    • added "decimal comma" option to Data > Load dialogs.
  • and many bug fixes


version 1.2.1

changes in this version of fityk curve fitting software:

  •  added commands = and exec= -- shorthands for lua return and lua F:execute, as described on the fityk-users list
  • API: default dataset in a few functions changed from @0 to the currently used one
  • GUI: new dialog for changing default directories for file opening dialogs GUI > Configure > Default Directories
  • a few tweaks and fixes related to printing (it didn't work on Linux in previous version)
  • updated version of xylib (fixes a bug in reading CSV files)
  • and a few other bug fixes


version 1.2.0

Major changes:
  • new command lua that executes the rest of line in Lua interpreter (Lua is a lightweight programming language)
  • Enhanced Lua and Python API. There is no documentation in the manual yet, only examples in the samples directory and fityk.h header. If anyone has problems with scripting fityk in Lua, I'll try to help.
  • added C, Ruby and Java binding to libfityk library
  • GUI: improved script editor


version 1.1.1

Announcing Fityk 1.1.1 -- new version of peak fitting software.

  • option exit_on_warning=0/1 was replaced with on_error=stop/exit; new option on_error=nothing allows to ignore errors in script.
  • current working directory can be changed using new option cwd
  • GUI: a new dialog for Model > Export Formula
  • minor bug fixes


version 1.1.0

Announcing Fityk 1.1.0 -- new version of curve fitting software.

  • embedded Lua (lightweight programming language), see the manual for details.
  • syntax changes and enhancements in dataset transformations (@n = ...);
    example: @0=@0-0.23*@1 removes (background) @1 with y's scaled
    by factor 0.23 from dataset @0; if @0 and @1 have different x's, linear
    interpolation is used.
  • added calculation of Polyline derivatives, what enables weighted least
    squares approximation by broken lines
  • gzipped fit files can be read directly (extension .fit.gz or .fityk.gz)
  • new option max_fitting_time -- stopping criterium based on elapsed time
  • GUI: mouse wheel and mouse extra buttons can be used to zoom in/out
  • Mac GUI: added Session > New Window that opens new window (open -n
  • GUI: added optional, configurable description in the corner of the main plot
  • GUI: Session > Copy to Clipboard works differently and on all platforms now
  • GUI: enhanced file dialogs: Data > Quick Load and Session > Save as Image
  • fixed all reported bugs
Note for Linux users: fityk_1.1.0-0_i386.deb was prepared on Debian Squeeze and fityk_1.1.0-0_amd64.deb on Ubuntu 10.10. They probably work on newer Debian-based distros, but it was not tested.


version 1.0.2

Announcing Fityk 1.0.2 -- new version of peak fitting program.

The previous 1.0.x releases have been reported to not work on OS X 10.5. This issue is fixed now. This release also contains a few minor bug fixes and changed Data > Load File dialog.