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Fityk 1.3.0

It was released a couple weeks ago but not announced here until now. Fitting constraints are there, but without a nice user interface yet. Most important changes:
  • support filenames with non-ascii characters
  • simple-variable ~NUM can be followed by domain, e.g.: %f=Linear(~3[2:5], ~8) and also default parameters can have domain (...shape=~0.5 [0:1],...), Voigt and PseudoVoigt have now shape with default domain [0:1]
  • if variable has a domain (example: $a = ~1.2 [-3:4]) then $a = ~3 keeps domain of $a (also a={$a}; $a=~{a} preserves domain), $a = ~3 [:] unsets domain, $a = copy($x) - copy $x with domain
  • new boolean box_constraints option decides if domains are used as box constraints in fitting methods that support it (default: on)
  • GUI: added auto-completion to Lua script editor
  • xyConvert is now part of xylib not fityk
  • command reset does not reset Lua VM (to allow "reset" from Lua scripts)
  • Lua: add Python-style formatting (e.g."%d pigs" % 3) using __mod for strings

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