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Fityk 1.2.9

This is a late announcement of long overdue release. It is version 1.2.9 because major features planned for version 1.3.0 (box constraints, new fitting methods) need more testing and better interface.


  •  fitting:
    • a few optimization methods from the NLopt library have been added
    • MPFIT and NLopt methods support box constraints
    • simplifications that made using external libraries easier:
      • removed stopping criterium based on iterations. The max. number of WSSR evaluations can be used instead.
      •  removed fit continuation (fit +N)
  • new function Sigmoid and new category of functions (S-shaped/step/sigmoidal)
  • James Hester contributed a peak shape he proposes for powder diffraction
  • GUI: 
    • added menu Session > Recent Scripts
    • added "include standard errors" checkbox to Functions > Export Peak Parameters
    • added "decimal comma" option to Data > Load dialogs.
  • and many bug fixes

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